This Is How You Get Arrested Twice In An Hour

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1. Keith Kline was arrested at 3:45 P.M. on saturday for drunk driving.

ID: 941415

2. A half hour later he was he was processed by police and posted his bail.

ID: 941404

3. After he left the police station, a trooper noticed something funny on the security cameras.

ID: 941434

4. Kline was, in fact, urinating on the steps of the jail’s entrance.

ID: 941445

5. He was then arrested again and charged with disorderly conduct.

ID: 941459

6. He was then processed by police and posted bond, being released a second time.

ID: 941467

7. Kline is an employee for the city of Fairfield, Illinois’ electric department.

ID: 941470

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