This Guy’s Mom Asked Him To "Sober Up" And Make A Proper Christmas Card, Something She Now Probably Regrets

You have to admit these are pretty well done, though.

1. In 2008, John Cessna’s mom asked him to “sober up” and send out a Christmas card. So he sent her this:

2. A year later, in 2009, he decided to keep it going with another nice and sober Christmas card.

3. And the tradition kept going… John, who describes himself on his site as “a photographer, video artist, and comedian/actor living and working in the midwest,” says his mom was a little worried about him uploading these to the internet.

4. Although 2011’s card reflects a more professional tone.

5. He says that by the third or fourth year his mom and stepdad got used to the idea.

6. And of course, here’s 2013…

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