This Couple’s Epic And Nerdy And Awesome Engagement Photos Make Everyone Else’s Look Like Crap

They are the internet’s greatest couple.

1. These photos were posted by Reddit user hamburgersandwiches, titled “Fuck it. I’m getting married Saturday. Here are my crappy engagement photos.”

ID: 1697475

2. His crappy engagement photos, however, are PERFECT.

ID: 1697458

3. They did Bill and Ted.

ID: 1697478

4. This epic shot from The Bodyguard.

ID: 1697479

5. The Godfather.

ID: 1697507

6. Not only did they do Indiana Jones

ID: 1697508

7. They ALSO did Jurassic Park!

ID: 1697516

8. Top Gun.

ID: 1697526

9. They did one where they went ghostbusting with Billy Murray.

ID: 1697502

10. Point Break.

ID: 1697517

11. A romantic and sensual scene from Ghost.

ID: 1697473

12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

ID: 1697499

13. Of course they did the Spiderman kiss.

ID: 1697467

14. And not one…

ID: 1697469

15. But two Han Solo tributes.

ID: 1697503

16. They did Pulp Fiction.

ID: 1697520

17. The Matrix.

ID: 1697523

18. And romance.

ID: 1697463

19. Even psychological horror.

ID: 1697466

20. Suck it, every other couple: You lose, they win.

ID: 1697492

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