16 Things People Are Blaming On The Sequester

Some of these are stupider than others…

1. Losing their health insurance.

ID: 956855

2. Not making enough money on YouTube.

ID: 956769

3. Their flight delay.

ID: 956902

4. Not being able to afford girl scout cookies.

ID: 956914

5. The quality of NASCAR races.

ID: 956758

6. Their faulty caps lock button.

ID: 956827

7. Missing their flight because the TSA was too slow.

ID: 956951

8. Spilling their coffee.

ID: 956805

9. Friday morning meetings.

ID: 956884

10. The weather in Baltimore.

ID: 956784

11. The Florida sinkhole.

ID: 956929

12. The Albertsons running out of cinnamon rolls.

ID: 956975

13. Getting a splinter.

ID: 956999

14. Having to go to the DMV.

ID: 956988

15. Getting their coffee order messed up.

ID: 956992

16. Having to listen to the band Bowling For Soup.

ID: 956939

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