Things Almost Going Horribly Wrong (Presented In GIF Form)

Now, no matter how bad things look in these, I swear they all have happy endings.

1. There’s always a chance things can turn out okay, even when you’re jumping off of stuff

ID: 424801

6. Or in a train

ID: 424803

7. Whether you’re in a race

ID: 424810

10. Or for some reason doing this crazy thing

ID: 424838

11. No matter if you’re in a plane

ID: 424816

12. Or too close to a car

ID: 424814

16. Or too close to a bus

ID: 424835

17. Whether you’re trying trying to do something totally extreme

ID: 424854

22. Or even something not so extreme…

ID: 424841

23. Even if you’re jumping out of a moving car (not advisable)

ID: 424852

24. Whether you’re a little kid

ID: 424813

27. Or even a kitten

ID: 425476

28. Always remember, there’s a chance things can work out in the end!

ID: 424865

29. And if you do fall you can always get back up again!

ID: 425565

30. But not always, so wear a helmet, it’s rough out there.

ID: 425581

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