These Women Shake Their Butts At Passed Out Juggalos And Post Them To Facebook

There’s a Facebook page called Passed Out Juggalos, and it’s maybe the craziest thing in the whole world.

1. These are the girls from Passed Out Juggalos.

3. If they catch you sleeping at a Juggalo gathering they’ll pull down their pants…

5. …and shake their butts in your face…

7. And then put it on Facebook.

9. Not even dogs are safe.

11. Vice magazine interviewed the three women causing havoc in the Juggalo community about their butt-based terrorism.

13. Apparently, most of the girls are strippers that also love Insane Clown Posse.

15. They say about 10% of the Juggalos wake up while they’re shaking their butts in their face and most of them don’t mind.

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