These Women Shake Their Butts At Passed Out Juggalos And Post Them To Facebook

There’s a Facebook page called Passed Out Juggalos, and it’s maybe the craziest thing in the whole world.

1. These are the girls from Passed Out Juggalos.

ID: 1110575

3. If they catch you sleeping at a Juggalo gathering they’ll pull down their pants…

ID: 1110568

5. …and shake their butts in your face…

ID: 1110573

7. And then put it on Facebook.

ID: 1110580

9. Not even dogs are safe.

ID: 1110583

11. Vice magazine interviewed the three women causing havoc in the Juggalo community about their butt-based terrorism.

ID: 1110594

13. Apparently, most of the girls are strippers that also love Insane Clown Posse.

ID: 1110600

15. They say about 10% of the Juggalos wake up while they’re shaking their butts in their face and most of them don’t mind.

ID: 1110645

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