There Are A Lot Of People Who Really, Really Want To Have Sex With Seth MacFarlane

Seth Confessions is a Tumblr where users anonymously submit their deepest and darkest Seth MacFarlane fantasies, and oh man, is it wild. WARNING: Some of these are pretty racy!

1. Some people think he should go into politics:

ID: 947693

2. And some think he’s not that big of a douche:

ID: 947701

3. A lot of them think he should be a much bigger movie star:

ID: 947703

4. And age is definitely not a consideration:

ID: 947712

7. A lot of users wish he had better luck dating:

ID: 947700

9. Or fantasize about him with other celebrities:

ID: 947704

11. And apparently, he has great eyelashes:

ID: 947720

12. But most of them are super, super graphic:

ID: 947725

The blog’s description: “There’s something deep inside you just aching to break free.
So go on and destroy the lock on that feeling and guide it here. Submit your Seth confessions.”

ID: 947821

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