The Vice Presidential Debate (As Told By GIFs)

Joe Biden might have the most GIF-able smile in politics.

1. Both candidates came into the debate ready to argue out the issues.

ID: 636217

2. The candidates made a little small talk.

ID: 636220

3. And Biden was in a pretty great mood.

ID: 636219

5. Tensions got a little high.

ID: 636224

8. Foreign policy was one of the many important topics debated.

ID: 636237

9. They didn’t really see eye to eye about that either.

ID: 636242

11. Things didn’t get too heated though.

ID: 636251

12. In the end, they both ended up looking like this for most of the debate.

ID: 636256

13. Paul Ryan said a few things about women’s healthcare.

ID: 636264

14. And pretty much every few minutes Joe Biden looked like this.

ID: 636266

15. Paul Ryan got his fair share of smirks in too, though.

ID: 636271

16. Then, because they both went way over time, they decided to call it a night.

ID: 636277

17. That’s all folks!

ID: 636290

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