The Transgender Teenager Who Won Homecoming Queen Released A Heartbreaking YouTube Video

“I’m a human being.”

1. Cassidy Lynn Campbell, the 16-year-old transgender girl who won homecoming queen at her high school last week, released an incredibly upsetting video over the weekend.

2. In the video, Cassidy breaks down and expresses how tired she is “of feeling worthless” and how she thought that winning homecoming would be the happiest moment of her life.

3. In the video’s description she explained that after her homecoming win she was overwhelmed with negativity.

i am usually a very strong and confident person, but i have my moments too. although there was alot was positive feedback, there was alot of negative too, and the negative affected me more than it ever has before. i recorded this because i didnt know how else to vent, i didnt want to talk to anybody.

4. In the video she talks about her experience going through the running for homecoming queen and how happy she thought she’d be once she won.

Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times / MCT

Sometimes I wonder, is it even worth it — if I should just go back to being miserable, and just be a boy and hate myself and hate my life just so everyone can just shut up and leave me alone. And I know I asked for this, I know I did. I know I wanted to run and I wanted to be nominated, but it’s just so upsetting…

Because of my situation, I am just so hated on, just so judged. And I’ve had to deal with this my whole life, so I should know better by now, but I just wished for one day, for one day I could just be happy and have everyone be happy for me, and it’s never going to happen… I just don’t understand it.

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