The Police Chief That Threatened On YouTube To Shoot “Libtards” Has Been Suspended

Kessler said he doesn’t regret anything he posted on YouTube. posted on

1. Gilberton, Penn., Police Chief Mark Kessler made the news last week for threatening on YouTube to shoot “libtards.”

Armed members of Kessler's CSF militia set up an armed perimeter around Gilberton Borough meeting yesterday. #PA #p2

2. As the video went viral, Gilberton mayor’s office originally said that Kessler would not be disciplined.

3. The borough council in Gilberton, however, decided to suspended Kessler on Thursday.

4. The council said he used “borough property for non-borough purposes without prior borough permission” while shooting his YouTube videos.

5. Kessler was suspended without pay for 30 days.

Gilberton Borough police chief, Mark Kessler has been suspended for 30 days without pay.

6. Kessler’s council meeting, according to CNN, drew thousands of gun rights activists.

7. Throughout the day, crowds of heavily armed protesters assembled outside of the meeting.

At the Gilberton borough meeting on Chief Mark Kessler's behavior in his viral auto-weapon firing video

@JohnLuciew Don't worry I'm sure they're responsible gun owners and not racist militia nutjobs. Right? #MarkKessler

10. Mayor Mary Lou Hannon said that she still supports Kessler’s right to free speech.

11. Aside from his now-viral YouTube videos, Kessler was also criticized for organizing a “volunteer group” that resembled a militia.

12. Kessler wrote on his website that local authorities were conspiring against him, calling them liars and hacks.

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