"The Lion King" Re-Created With Kittens And Stuffed Animals Is So Cute It’s Actually Hard To Watch

The kitten version is a lot less traumatizing than the normal version.

1. The Pet Collective, the geniuses behind Elf acted out by pugs, put together The Lion King with kittens:

ID: 2202306

2. It has all the major Lion King plot points…

ID: 2202420

3. But they’re done much, much, much more adorably.

ID: 2202421

4. All your favorite characters show up too, like Scar…

ID: 2202431

5. The hyenas…

ID: 2202428

6. Zazu…

ID: 2202430

7. And Timon and Pumbaa! Wow, look at that roar.

ID: 2202439

10. They deal with the sad stuff, but in a much more elegant way, if you ask me.

ID: 2202435

11. Kitten movies: the future of cinema.

ID: 2202437

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