The Last Presidential Debate (As Told By GIFs)

This is it people, the last live-GIF’d debate until 2016!

1. Tonight was the last presidential debate.

ID: 654028

3. The subject was foreign policy.

ID: 654032

4. President Obama was in good spirits

ID: 654034

5. If not a little bored…

ID: 654036

6. Governor Romney argued that we need to take a deep look at Pakistan’s nuclear program.

ID: 654045

7. And the night wasn’t without its intense moments.

ID: 654042

9. And then Romney mentioned the navy.

ID: 654049

10. Obama argued that we have a smaller navy, but also fewer horses and bayonets.

ID: 654050

12. Everyone in the audience was kind of like…

ID: 654063

13. Moderator Bob Schieffer closed out the debate with a line about the importance of voting.

ID: 654072

15. And menacing Josh Romney even showed up at the end.

ID: 654066

18. To be continued… bum bum buuuuummmm

ID: 654070

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