The Definitive Guide To Every April Fools’ Day Prank On The Internet This Year

Welcome to the internet, I’ll be your guide. This post will be updated throughout the day. Stay strong.

1. Updated — April 1, 10:30 p.m. ET:

ID: 2707487

2. The “Google Maps Pokémon Challenge”

It’s real. If you update Google Maps on your phone, it will actually turn into a very simplified version of Pokémon and let you travel the world collecting Pokémon.

ID: 2702460

3. Gmail’s “Shelfies”

It’s an add-on for Gmail that lets you turn your inbox theme into a “SHareable sELFIE,” which doesn’t exactly make a ton of sense. Aren’t all selfies shareable? Because they’re photos?

ID: 2703550

4. Google Plus’ “Auto Awesome Photobombs”

Google Plus is rolling out an extension that adds David Hasselhoff into your photos as a photobomb to make them more awesome.

ID: 2706407

5. Google Naps

It’s an app that helps you find places to sleep, like benches.

ID: 2706426

6. Google Chrome’s “Emojify The Web”

An updated version of Chrome for Android and iOS can now translate webpages into Emojis.

ID: 2706523

7. Nest + Virgin Airlines

Google’s Nest teamed up with Richard Branson’s Virgin Airlines to start a program that would allow every passenger to each set their own temperature in a plane all at once.

ID: 2706541

8. HTC’s Gluuv

It’s supposed to be a power glove for your HTC One.

ID: 2706550

9. #RIPZaynMalik

Zayn Malik from One Direction was reported dead on Twitter for a brief time on Monday afternoon. The rumor was most likely started by a competing fandom army or just a bunch of Twitter trolls. It became one of the top trending hashtags in the world. Zayn is not dead.

ID: 2703032

10. Airbnb’s Airbrb

It’s like Airbnb, but instead of renting out your apartment, the app lets you rent out your desk while you sneak off for a break at work.

ID: 2704726

11. The New Porn-Free

It’s taking a page from Pinterest’s book.

ID: 2706402

12. KFC’s “Mighty Mouth Expander”

It’s to help customer’s with small mouths eat their new gigantic burger. It looks like this one is only for KFC Australia, however.

ID: 2706439

13. Tumblr Pro

Video available at:

When activated, it plays a video full of inspirational imagery, then a message pops up and asks you if you want to upgrade. When it’s done, it just adds top hats to all the avatars on your dashboard.

ID: 2706441
ID: 2706456

15. Reddit’s “Headdit”

It’s a hands-free browsing option. A window in the corner of the screen maps your facial features, masks your face with the Reddit alien, and then reads you movements to upvote and downvote. It’s super creepy, but it actually does work. Also, if it thinks it detects a cat it takes you to a page full of cat content.

ID: 2706465

17. Vegemite’s Energy Drink

Start the day with our NEW Vegemite iDRINK2.1 energy drink! Swap your Vegemite toast for this when you're on the go?

— Vegemite (@Vegemite)
ID: 2706502

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

ID: 2706598

19. Imgur’s Viralizer


The image hosting service has added a button that lets users “viralize” their images, instantly making them do better on the site.

ID: 2706574

20. Bill Clinton’s Twitter Page

It seems like Bill is taking a page from Hillary’s Twitter account for April Fools’ day.

ID: 2706588

21. Remember: If you see something on the internet today—just like every other day—it’s probably totally fake.

ID: 2706592

22. Southwest Airlines’ Trip To Mars

A round trip to Mars will only cost you $9,999.

ID: 2707271

23. Netflix’s Sizzling Bacon

It’s described as a “Memento-style puzzle that takes the viewer out of the fire and into the frying pan.”

ID: 2707468

24. YouTube’s #newtrends

YouTube put out a series of videos explaining that they orchestrated every viral video trend. And now they’re letting users in on what new trends they have coming out which include stuff like “kissing dads,” “clocking,” and the “Glub Glub Water Dance.” There are a lot of videos.

ID: 2707291

25. Domino’s Edible Box

Looks kind of disgusting, but let’s be real, if it existed, it probably wouldn’t taste too awful.

ID: 2707474

26. Bryan Cranston Sandwich Pickles

These sky-blue pickles are currently being sold at a UK retailer called Firebox. Comes with a “Heisenberg screw top lid.”

ID: 2707485

27.’s Delivery Pugs

The online printing store is currently trying out delivery pugs. Which are awesome and should be real.

ID: 2707536

28. Uber And Toms Launch Shuber

Uber and Toms partnered up to make a “completely sustainable” car service.

ID: 2707544

29. Missouri University Of Science And Technology

Wow. Many Smart. Very Science. So Research.

ID: 2707560

30. Linkedin’s Cats You May Know

Linkedin launched a service that connects professionals with like-minded felines who are also looking to leverage their personal brands and do whatever it is people do on Linkedin.

ID: 2707576

31. Chili’s Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream. Everyone loves Chili's. Boom- Ice cream the Chili's way! See more-

— Chili's Grill & Bar (@Chilis)
ID: 2707911

Chili’s announced that their putting all of their food in a big bowl of ice cream.

ID: 2707935

33. Samsung Fly-fi

Samsung say they’ve created Wi-Fi that’s available everywhere. That’s because they’ve attached routers to pigeons.

ID: 2707972

34. Cheetos’ “Cheetau By Chester”

Turns out you can actually get a bottle of this if you live in LA or New York City. What does Cheeto perfume smell like, you ask? Apparently, it’s absolutely horrid.

ID: 2707983

35. The Giphy GIF Bomb

Giphy built a toolbar that lets your put GIFs over other websites. They have a bunch of GIFs ready to use including phrases like “lol, what friends?” and “can i yolo on your swag?”

ID: 2708040

36. REI Adventure Kitten Gear

REI is advertising a line of hiking and adventure gear for cats, including lil’ bandanas and tiny little kitten boots.

ID: 2708056

37. Thinkgeek’s Flux Capacitor Car Charger

Thinkgeek has a ton of fake stuff up on the site today. This a phone charger that lets you travel through time. It also charges two tablets. And it’s only $39.99, what a steal!

ID: 2708164

38. Digg v1

Digg has released a skin that reverts the page to its original layout. They also have a data post up about the horniest states, which isn’t about what you probably think it’s about.

ID: 2708192

39. The Kodak Kiosk Drone

Kodak is taking things to the cloud with a drone that can fly around and take fun photos of you. It comes with a warning that you shouldn’t try to ride the drone.

ID: 2708493

40. Lululemon’s Spray-On Yoga Pants

According to Lululemon’s website, spray-on yoga pants are lightweight and comfortable. Each can comes with enough dye for 1200 pairs of pants.

ID: 2708542

41. Refinery 29’s Y2K.0 Music Fest

This one is a mean one. It’s probably the best line-up for a concert ever, but it’s unfortunately very fake. I mean, think about how nice it would be to finally see Blink-182, Limp Bizkit, B*Witched, and Vitamin C all in one place.

ID: 2708569

42. British Scientists Clone Dinosaur

Chances are you saw this being shared like crazy on Facebook. It’s obviously not real. It was made-up by a site called News Hound. No one’s figured out how to clone a dinosaur… for now that is…

ID: 2708622

43. Kayak Bathrooms

Kayak lets you compare bathroom stalls in four cities, including New York, Tokyo, London, and Vancouver.

ID: 2709026

44. Samuel Adams’ HeliYUM

It’s helium-infused beer.

ID: 2709168

45. Honda’s First DIY Honda Car

Honda did an ad starring two hipsters who put together their own artisanal car.

ID: 2709841

46. Hulu’s Spin-Off Season

I mean, to be honest, In The Kitchen With Hannibal would be a really really great cooking show.

ID: 2710781

47. NPR’s Citizen Kane

Do you think Keanu Reeves is the Orson Welles of the 21st century? Because NPR sure did.

ID: 2712787

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