The Internet Reacts To The Inauguration

This is supposed to be a respectful and solemn day for the country, so can we please try and take this seriously for just two seconds?!

1. President Obama gave a great speech.

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2. And Beyoncé and Michelle Obama were fierce as ever.

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3. Ha ha, very funny.

ID: 825786

4. Bill Clinton was having a pretty good morning too.

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5. And Joe was being good ol’ Joe.

ID: 825850

6. There was a pretty interesting crowd too, like the man with an impossibly long forehead.

ID: 825788

7. Or this really sad guy in the choir.

ID: 825790

8. Or this joker taking photos with an iPad. Get out of here with that. What do you think this is?

ID: 825793

9. Chuck Schumer was pretty excited to be on there.

ID: 825830

10. And it was a pretty exciting day for television too.

ID: 825806

11. With lots of very respectful and serious inauguration coverage.

ID: 825820

12. Also, George Stephanopoulos thought Bill Russell was Morgan Freeman. Whoops!

ID: 825899

13. The inauguration was a spectacular day for photobombs.

ID: 825848

14. But it could have been a little more festive of a ceremony.

ID: 825823

15. Or maybe had a few more celebrities.

ID: 825854

16. But there’s one thing everyone can agree on.

ID: 825838

17. Sasha and Malia…

ID: 825842

18. …stole the show.

ID: 825843

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