The Dropkick Murphys Raise $65,000 For Victims Of Boston Bombings In 15 Hours

100% of the proceeds from the Dropkick Murphys new T-shirt are going directly to the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing because the Dropkick Murphys are amazing.

1. The shirt’s prices range from $24.99-$26.99 depending on size.

ID: 1087856

2. The shirt reads “Thank you, to all who purchase this shirt all proceeds go to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Love, Dropkick Murphys.”

ID: 1087860

3. And what’s even more awesome, they’ve already raised $65,000 on the pre-oder alone! The shirts aren’t out until April 30th.

ID: 1087906

4. Very, very awesome guys!

ID: 1087913

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