The Day Before Christmas A Firefighter Unknowingly Pulled His Daughter’s Body From A Fatal Car Crash

Steve Whitcomb was horrified when he discovered who he pulled from the wreckage.

1. Steve Whitcomb, a volunteer firefighter from Brookline, N.H., responded to a three-car accident on Tuesday.

ID: 2196469

2. Whitcomb, pictured below, responded to the crash, which happened only a few hundred feet from the family’s home.

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3. According to Brookline’s police chief, William Quigley, Whitcomb pulled Katie Hamilton’s body from the wreckage before realizing it was his 31-year-old daughter.

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4. According to law enforcement it doesn’t appear that the driver responsible for the three-car accident was impaired. Hamilton’s car was struck and pushed into traffic, where it was struck by a second car.

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5. Whitcomb told local reporters that he’s still coming to terms with what happened and trying to make sense of all of it.

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