The Citizens Of A Small Town In North Dakota Are Currently Trying To Stop Neo-Nazis From Taking It Over

White supremacists plan on legally absorbing the small town’s government.

2. National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep recieved word that the town was becoming uncomfortable with Cobb’s land purchases and his promotion of the town on white supremacist websites.

Last Real Indians / Via Facebook: lastrealindians

3. The NSM put out a YouTube video announcing that members of the white supremacist group were planning on making a goodwill trip to the town.

4. In an official National Socialist Movement press release, Commander Jeff Schoep explained that he and other members were headed to Leith to protect Cobb’s “civil rights.”

his is an excellent opportunity for the public, neighbors, etc. to come out, meet, and greet Commander Schoep, NSM members, and those related to the ‘controversy’ in a respectful and dignified manner. We hope this effort goes a long way to dispel the myths regarding the plans of Craig Cobb, the NSM, and other American patriots by bringing the community together for an open discussion.

The goal of the far left extremists has been to polarize the community against Leith’s new neighbors, by engaging in a sinister campaign to drive a senior citizen (Mr. Cobb) from his home. Craig Cobb is not alone, and will not be driven out, or forced to leave! Legal paperwork is being drafted to insure the civil rights of Mr. Cobb, and other new residents of Leith will not be violated.

8. Taking up the lead for most of the protest’s is North Dakota’s Last Real Indians, a politically active Native American advocacy group.

Last Real Indians / Via Facebook: lastrealindians

10. The Last Real Indians’ Facebook page put out a statement calling the NSM “a dying cause.”

“You’re 30 miles from our border. If you think we’re going to let you come into our territory and affect our children, you’ve got another thing coming. What you see here are the mouthpieces. The warriors aren’t even here. You have come here thinking we are going to react out of fear, but we won’t do that. We are Dakota and Lakota people.”

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