The Amazing Recovery Of Sammy, The Abandoned Cocker Spaniel

Sammy was found abandoned by his owner in a garbage bag and is currently recuperating at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

1. This is Samurai, or Sammy, and he was found earlier this month, abandoned, dumped in a garbage bag in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

ID: 1002597

2. Here’s a photo of Sammy the next day. The Red Bank Veterinary Hospital put him on a naso-gastric tube (the yellow tube in his nose) and tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

ID: 1002620

3. According to the Red Bank Vet’s Facebook, he coughed out his feeding tube so they had to start feeding him by syringe in tiny doses (he did get a stuffed bunny though).

ID: 1002631

4. By St. Patrick’s Day, Sammy was doing better and able to eat more!

ID: 1002647

5. And even more amazingly, children from the community started sending Sammy get well cards (omg).

ID: 1002651

6. This is Sammy on Monday of this week. He’s still hanging in there!

ID: 1002654

7. Later in the day on Monday, Sammy ate by himself for the first time.

ID: 1002659

8. On Tuesday Sammy took a short walk.

ID: 1002662

9. And by last night, Sammy was eating and drinking by himself, not to mention wearing an incredibly stylish Burberry jacket.

ID: 1002670

10. So remember, support your local shelters because they can work miracles!

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