The 20 Best Things BuzzFeeders Said In February

Everybody knows that Buzzfeeders are the best commenters on the internet. So here are our favorite things Buzzfeeders said in the comments last month. For more, check out our ongoing Hall Of Fame.


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We don’t know why you did that either, but here we are.


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Gordy G gives us the definition of “too soon”.


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What a marvelously inappropriate use of John Travolta.


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therblig explains why a guy comparing you to pizza is actually quite sweet.


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turtlefeed found possibly the most inappropriate video of a turtle that exists on the internet.


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A lot of Star Wars this month…


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Helping Len propose to his girlfriend is easily the best thing Buzzfeeders have ever done, and if you missed it yesterday too many good comments to even keep track of.

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