Teenage Boys Are Hitting Girls In The Face And Posting It As The #SmackCam Meme On Vine

This post contains graphic images.

1. #SmackCam is a meme on Vine that has escalated to an alarming level.

2. The concept is to slap an unsuspecting person in the face and upload it tagged #Smackcam.

3. But as Jezebel points out, teenage boys have been using it as an excuse to hurt teenage girls.

(UPDATE: The above video was apparently staged.)

5. In the Vine below, two boys slap a girl repeatedly until she starts to cry.

6. In this one, a boy lights another boy’s face on fire.

7. And this guy decided to use a power drill with a plastic hand attached.

8. The tag, according to Twitter, has thousands of videos already uploaded to it.

9. Most of them not particularly alarming.

10. In this one a little girl slaps her brother with baby powder.

11. Still, most people have agreed that the joke has spiraled out of control.

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