Someone Tied This Dog To Train Tracks Because They Didn’t Want Him Anymore

Don’t worry: This is a sad story, but it has a happy ending!

1. Apparently, an elderly man tied this 10-month poodle-terrier mix named Banjo to train tracks because the family didn’t want him anymore.

Riverside County Animal Control / Via
ID: 1061841

2. A train engineer spotted Banjo tied to the tracks, untied him, and an officer for the Department of Animal Services in Riverside County, California, arrested the man who left him there.

Riverside County Animal Services / Via
ID: 1061849

3. Thankfully, Banjo’s doing fine now, and the elderly man was released into his family’s custody.

Riverside County Animal Services / Via
ID: 1061889

4. Also, and most importantly, Banjo is currently looking for a good home to go to. So if you want to adopt this little guy, you absolutely should.

Riverside County Animal Services / Via
ID: 1061856

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