Someone Made A Video Game About Sandy Hook Where You Play As Adam Lanza And Shoot Children

Its creator says the controversial game makes a statement about the importance of gun control.

The Slaying Of Sandy Hook Elementary was created by Ryan Jake Lambourn, a Texas-born artist, who currently lives in Australia.

In the game you play as Adam Lanza. Your first mission is to murder your mother.

It asks you to shoot her a few times just to be sure.

You then grab an assault rifle and your mother’s car keys and head to Sandy Hook.

You’re then given a 10-minute counter to act out Adam Lanza’s grizzly rampage in real-time, kicking down classroom doors and shooting students.

The game gives you more points based on how close you can get to Adam Lanza’s real-life total of 26 victims.

At the end of the 10 minutes the game forces you to pull out a pistol and kill yourself.

At the end it gives you a breakdown of how you did but also has a “gun control” version.

The alternate mode opens with your mother already stabbed to death.

Instead you can’t figure out the combination to the gun safe and instead are armed with a katana.

You then go to Sandy Hook with katana and go through the same 10 minute rampage.

You’re asked to kick through doors and try and katana school children instead.

The idea being that without a gun Adam Lanza’s body count would have been much smaller.

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