Someone Made A "Breaking Bad" On Ice Tribute And It’s Absolutely Bonkers

Who knew that Breaking Bad translates perfectly to a figure skating show.

1. Breaking Ice, the ice show based on Breaking Bad you didn’t know you needed.

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2. This wonderful thing was put together by Sharidan Williams-Sotelo, an assistant editor on Breaking Bad.

3. It has everything Breaking Bad fans are looking for, like Walter White and his famous blue meth.

4. And, of course, his fabulous ice dancing.

5. And you better believe Badger, Skinny Pete, and Jesse show up.

6. There’s even a dance between Jane and Jesse.

7. This is the figure skating equivalent of choking on your own vomit and dying.

8. Then Walt, Jesse, Gus, and Saul all dance together.

9. So we all agree then that Breaking Ice is a thing that needs to happen in real life immediately, yes? Good.

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