Someone Built A Giant Robot That Can Be Piloted By Children

Shockingly, it was made in Japan.

1. The Kid’s Walker Cyclops is a bright green robot that can be piloted by children.

ID: 1120323

2. The robot is being built by Japanese robotics company Sakakibara Kikai.

ID: 1120335

3. The robot has two movable arms, one with a claw-like hand and one with a drill.

ID: 1120340

5. The cockpit is small, but perfect size for a small children. Making this maybe the coolest way to get to school ever.

ID: 1120351

6. Laughing Squid covered Sakakibara Kikai’s efforts to build a small robot for kids back in 2010, showing test footage of a similar model.

ID: 1120354

7. The future is here people.

ID: 1120356

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