So You Want To Be A Santacon Santa…

Do you have what it takes to be constantly drunk in a Santa suit for 16 hours? Well, do you?!

1. Wake up, get on the train, head to the city, do 6 shots of 151 and drink 10 beers.

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2. Get to the city and get your bearings, figure out a game plan.

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3. Remember to have fun, this is Santacon, the best day of the year.

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4. But don’t forget, Christmas is a religious celebration and there’s definitely a serious side to it.

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5. Alright, let’s party

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6. Okay, you might have partied a little too hard.

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8. And we’re back, load up on beers and let’s get going, we have a lot to do.

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9. We need to find other Santas, ASAP.

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10. Parks, street corners, and sidewalks are the best places to congregate.

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11. Really anywhere that people might try to get around you but are unable to do so. Remember, you’re Santa, people should move for you.

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12. This is your city today.

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13. Also, don’t forget, Santacon can be a romantic celebration, as well.

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15. Alright, enough of this walking around nonsense, let’s get to the bar.

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16. Now that we’re at the bar, the key is to drink as much alcohol and take up as much space as you can.

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19. Remember if a bar doesn’t have beer pong inside the bar then it’s not a bar that’s worth going to.

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20. Take the bar, the bar is yours, you are the Christmas King of Santacon!

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22. This is the greatest day of the year!

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23. And if the bar you’re at offers a very expensive way to do shots, you better believe you’ll do it.

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25. Alright, get your crew and dance.

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26. ♫ “We fooounnddd loovveee in a hopelessss plaaacceeeee” ♫

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27. This bar is killing it with the house music right now.

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28. Don’t be afraid to just straight up chill, though.

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29. Oh shit, it’s 2 AM, evacuate the bar! Go, go, go!

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30. We gotta make the last train home.

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31. But if you have some time, take like 20 or 30 group shots of you and your crew.

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32. Alright, you made it. You did it. You totally rocked the hell out of this year’s Santacon.

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