So You Found An Old Mix CD…

It was underneath the floor mat of your car, it’s a little scratched but still plays, and oh god, is it embarrassing.

1. Holy cow, is that the mix CD you made in 2004?!

ID: 715666

2. Ah yeah, let’s get down to some old-school jams.

ID: 766494

3. Clearly you have to listen to it right this second!

ID: 758106

4. But then the first song starts…

ID: 766517

5. And you remember how old you were when you made it.

ID: 758100

6. Oh no.

ID: 758109

7. You made this right after that messy breakup.

ID: 766554

8. The second track comes on — you put two Smiths songs on here back-to-back? What was wrong with you?!

ID: 766574

9. Meanwhile, your friend in the passenger seat is like:

ID: 766620

10. But wait a second, what’s this next song?

ID: 766677

11. Oh my God, you weren’t a total loser!

ID: 766678

12. This road trip just turned into the best party in the world.

ID: 766692

13. And your friend next to you thinks maybe you were pretty cool in high school after all.

ID: 766716

14. That is, until you hear the folk song you put on next and remember that really “earthy phase” you went through.

ID: 766704

15. And you try and play it off like this mix still totally holds up.

ID: 766747

16. “Ha ha. This is, this is, uh, pretty good stuff right here.”

ID: 766756

17. But on the inside you’re like:

(facepalm, get it?)

ID: 766800

18. But then you hear it. In the middle of the CD. Is that — is that… “Just a Girl” by No Doubt?

ID: 766809

19. You look at your friend to see if they’re as excited as you are…

ID: 766813


ID: 766817

23. Until, of course, someone pulls up next to you.

ID: 775619

24. And your friend is like…

ID: 775621

25. And the two of you spend the rest of the trip sitting in silence.

ID: 775656

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