Boston Bombing Suspect Alive And In Custody

Shots were heard in Watertown, Massachusetts around 7 p.m. Friday night; by 8:45 p.m., cheering was heard as authorities apprehended Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Here’s a comprehensive of his capture. posted on

1. The first reports of shots fired came across Twitter around 7 p.m.

My dad is convinced that the suspect is in the Charles River right now. Okay dad lets go fishing.

5. Video and audio of the first round of gunfire.

6. Watertown residents were obviously panicked, with authorities having lifted the Boston lockdown only an hour before.

Shit's going down cops racing by again ahhh channel 7! Guns fired etc, they better catch him this time. #Boston

Considering it was "safe" to go out last night, I'm think I'm gonna stay in my apartment tonight.

10. Watertown residents noticed that police presence remained strong in the town even after the lockdown had ended.

11. Very soon after, residents began reporting word that a body was found in a parked boat in a backyard.

friend just walked to pick up someone and saw a dead body . are fuckin serious? dude ur dead man .

14. Ten minutes later, the first media reports of police pursuing a suspect hiding out in a boat in a backyard on Franklin Street in Watertown surfaced.

19. What was unclear as of 7:30 p.m. was whether or not the suspect being pursued by police, currently hiding in the boat, was alive or dead.

All the new activity is focused around a covered boat in a backyard in Watertown.

23. There were, however, numerous reports of a S.W.A.T. robot on-site.

BREAKING PHOTO: Cops using concrete wall for cover; SWAT robot brought in, as well as the K-9's - @tonytullnbcdc

Things tense. SWAT calling people off. Possible car battery charger cable visible in house window n

27. Adding to the confusion, NBC’s Pete Williams reported there was a “body found on the boat,” but did not specify the status of the suspect.

29. As for how the police tracked the suspect to the backyard, NBC reported that Watertown residents noticed suspicious behavior and called authorities.

NBC just said a neighbor saw a ladder on the boat that hadn't been there before and called police. GOOD SLEUTHIN' WATERTOWN!!!!!!!

Eyewitness: Neighbor went to check boat behind his house today, saw blood, climbed up ladder to open boat's cover, saw a body, called police

Unconfirmed reports movement in backyard possibly in boat parked there - Franklin St Watertown after gunfire here

Saw two families evacuated..running with State Police. Children in arms of police, younger adults sprinting. They're safe. #fox25 #watertown

Movement in the boat. Hearing movement in boat from adjacent officer's radio. #fox25 #watertown

34. By 7:45 p.m. multiple sources began reporting that the body inside the boat was the Boston bombing suspect and that he was moving.

200 Meter vom Ort, an dem sich Killer verschanzt hat; Hunde bellen in der Nachbarschaft, Menschen warten gebannt.

36. Media quickly descended on Franklin Street as word spread of the police facing off against the suspect hiding in the boat.

Bewohner warten bange auf die Erstürmung des Killer-Versteck. Bewohnerin Buka: "ich hoffe, dass es wirklich er ist"

38. As the standoff wore on, gunfire became more and more sporadic.

Total of 12 shots in most recent moments. Haven't heard any for ~30 seconds now.

42. The Google Maps shot of the residence that ran on NBC.

BREAKING NEWS: Police are still concerned that the suspect may be wearing a suicide bomb vest, the source tells the Globe.

Terrible pic but here's law enforcement and firefighters huddled up across the street

Neighbor of boat owner on @WCVB: "That boat is his baby. He's going to be heartbroken."

47. NBC’s Pete Williams reported as of 8:15 p.m. that a fire started inside the boat.

48. And there were reportedly 40 gallons of gas inside the boat.

Boat owner says there is 40 gallons of gas in the boat. Watertown Fire Dept now on scene. (@ProvFireVideos)

49. An Instagram taken from where a crowd is formed on Mt. Auburn Street.

50. Numerous firefighters were on the scene throughout the standoff as concerns about a fire inside the boat spread.

PIC: Massive crowd gathered at Mt. Auburn St in #Watertown, waiting for word on suspect #WCVB

52. Another Instagram from the crowd on Mt. Auburn Street.

54. A negotiator arrived on the scene and was present throughout the standoff.

58. Camera crews assmbled on both Mt. Auburn Street and Arsenal Street, both of which are main roads near the boat.

59. By 8:45 p.m., cheering was heard from the crowds surrounding the area and NBC reported they believed the suspect was in custody.

Hearing cheers from up on Mt Auburn st., cheers erupting. He's in custody.

64. Footage of the police cheering.

66. The Boston Globe and Boston Police Department reported minutes later that the suspect was alive and in police custody, with an ambulance headed to the scene.

71. And finally, around 9:20 p.m., the F.B.I. confirms he’s in custody.

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