Pope Benedict XVI: A Papacy In Memes

No matter who becomes the next pope, one thing is clear — people will ABSOLUTELY be making fun of him on the internet.

1. Right away people noticed Pope Benedict looked like someone…

ID: 877878

2. The resemblance was uncanny.

ID: 877886

3. Seriously.

ID: 877905

4. So the pope looked a little evil. So what?!

ID: 877889

5. He was a pretty cool dude.

(Note: This is not a Photoshop, he is actually rocking a sombrero.)

ID: 877920

6. He traveled in style.

ID: 877963

8. And he loved animals.

ID: 877892

9. And animals loved him!

ID: 877895

10. Yeah, he had some funky ideas.

ID: 878005

11. But he understood the needs of young Catholics.

ID: 877897

12. And knew how to get down.

ID: 877913

14. He even had a Twitter!

ID: 877836

15. And a pretty sweet Myspace playlist back in the day.

ID: 877983

17. It looked like he was going to bring the Catholic Church in the 21st century.

ID: 878031

18. But being the pope is a tough job.

ID: 877902

19. Who could blame him for resigning?

ID: 877901

21. So long Pope Benedict!

ID: 877924

22. And good luck!

ID: 878050

24. Now there’s already some speculation on who’s taking over.

ID: 877999

25. But if you ask me, there’s only one choice.

ID: 877945

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