21 People That Prove #DoItForTheVine Has Gone Way Too Far

You don’t want to watch these, but you also totally have to.

1. This kid jumping from his staircase.

ID: 1635654

2. This guy rubbing himself in ice cream in a drive-thru.

ID: 1635658

3. The girl who did this in a Target.

ID: 1635690

4. This guy in a balaclava and this guy in a horse mask waking this other guy up with firecrackers and a gun.

ID: 1635663

5. The people lighting this guy on fire.

ID: 1635665

6. And the people lighting this guy on fire.

ID: 1635669

7. This guy riding a wrecking ball naked.

ID: 1635671

8. And that same guy’s photo shoot.

ID: 1635673

9. These twerking toddlers.

ID: 1635675

10. These guys who tried, and failed, to do that OK Go treadmill video.

ID: 1635689

11. This kid who exploded two jugs of milk in a supermarket.

ID: 1635766

12. This girl doing this in a CVS.

ID: 1635707

13. This dude knifing his toaster while it’s plugged in.

ID: 1635691

14. This person doing, uh, whatever this is.

ID: 1635693

15. This little girl dancing and covering herself in dog treats.

ID: 1635696

16. The girl vaccuuming this girl’s face.

ID: 1635698

17. This kid twerking in the middle of the road.

ID: 1635702

18. This girl jumping into the back of a stranger’s pickup truck.

ID: 1635710

19. This guy who was dancing to 2 Chainz on a boat that was being towed by a car and then fell off of it.

ID: 1635704

20. The kid who made this massive #SmackCam.

ID: 1635711

21. And lastly, the girl who slapped a cop in the face with a pie.

ID: 1635717

[Ed.: The girl who slapped the cop, danced in the Target, and hit that person in the face in a CVS is the same user, so it’s pretty safe to say that she singlehandedly is taking Vine too far.]

ID: 1635733

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