People Are Very Angry That Disney Redesigned Merida From “Brave” To Be Sexier

Including Merida’s creator, the writer and co-director of Brave, Brenda Chapman.

1. Disney has made Merida from Brave its 11th princess, and with that move comes Merida’s “new” look.

2. Her coronation ceremony as the 11th Disney princess on May 11:

3. Brenda Chapman, who won an Oscar for writing and co-directing Brave, is furious about the “sexist marketing move.”

David Livingston / Getty Images

4. Chapman went on to say, “It’s horrible! Merida was created to break that mold — to give young girls a better, stronger role model, a more attainable role model, something of substance, not just a pretty face that waits around for romance.”

5. There’s also a petition with over 115,000 supporters.

6. From the petition page:

Merida was the princess that countless girls and their parents were waiting for — a strong, confident, self-rescuing princess ready to set off on her next adventure with her bow at the ready. She was a princess who looked like a real girl, complete with the ‘imperfections’ that all people have.

7. Twitter is full of angry users wondering why Disney had to make Merida sexier.

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