Owl City Made The Most Obnoxious Oreo Commercial Ever

It’s called the “Wonderfilled Anthem” and oh my God it’s just, ugh. posted on

1. The commercial aired during Sunday night’s episode of Mad Men

2. Here are some pretty good reactions to it:

That Owl City Oreo ad makes me want to vomit. But his faux-whimsical BS is better suited to kiddie commercials anyways.

Did that Owl City Oreo commercial really just happen? Can it not happen again?

Ooooh, Owl City did that Oreo commercial from last night's Mad Men? No wonder it sounded like a watered-down Postal Service song.

Oreo's new commercial is wrapped up in an Owl City song. I might never eat those delicious cookies again. #ugh" target="_blank">http://twitter.com/search?q=%23ugh">#ugh

That Oreo commercial is why Owl City blows and disgraces the name of cookies and nocturnal birds everywhere.

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