Newsweek’s "Muslim Rage" Cover Sparks Immediate Backlash

Many are calling Newsweek’s new cover offensive and sensational. Twitter users are also now actively trolling Newsweek’s #MuslimRage hashtag in protest. posted on

1. This is Newsweek’s newest cover, showcasing the recent riots spreading throughout the Middle East.

2. Newsweek then offered readers a venue to discuss the controversial issue with the hashtag #MuslimRage

Users then re-appropriated the hashtag and have begun actively trolling it, filling it up with jokes by—for the most part—Muslim twitter accounts about Muslim culture.

Shawarma with no garlic sauce? #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

heard some turkish guys express mild disappointment at the amount of cucumber in berlin-style döner kebabs #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

Eid isn't on my wall calendar. #muslimrage" target="_blank">">#muslimrage

That girls ankles are showing! #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

the lights turned red just as i got to them #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

Tiramisu has Rum in it?!?!?!!? #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

RT @Libyan4life:" target="_blank">">@Libyan4life: At a restaurant they put my glass of water closer to my LEFT hand. #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

Wait, so i can only have 4 wives? #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

What do you mean we're not smart? We invented Algebra and the Zero! #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

how we call our president by the name kutta #muslimrage" target="_blank">">#muslimrage

When people read #Newsweek" target="_blank">">#Newsweek and believe it. #muslimrage" target="_blank">">#muslimrage

Halal beer has 0.3% alcohol? #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

RT @AllWeAskFor:" target="_blank">">@AllWeAskFor: Shawarma with no garlic sauce? #MuslimRage" target="_blank">">#MuslimRage

Newsweek is currently standing by the cover, with PR Director Andrew Kirk issuing this statement:

“This week’s Newsweek cover accurately depicts the events of the past week as violent protests have erupted in the Middle East (including Morocco where the cover image was taken).”

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