New York City Fast Food Workers Organize City-Wide Strike

Fast food employees began picketing New York City chain restaurants, including McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, demanding better wages and the right to organize a union.

1. New York City fast food workers planned a walkout this morning, hoping to organize one of the largest strikes against the union-free fast food industry.

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2. The walkout went as planned, with workers protesting fast food restaurants all over the New York City area.

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3. The organization behind the strike is workers’ rights group Fast Food Forward.

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4. Fast Food Forward is fighting for better wages and working conditions for fast food employees.

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5. Earlier this month, they were asking workers to share their fast food burns on Instagram with the #burnedbyfastfood hashtag.

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7. Information is still coming in about how many workers and what businesses have been affected by this morning’s walkout.

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9. Several Burger Kings and McDonald’s in Brooklyn had protests in front of them.

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11. According to photos surfacing on Twitter and Instagram, it appears New York City KFC and Domino’s chains were also picketed.

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13. was tipped off about the surprise strike and covered it at 6 a.m. Thursday morning:

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New York City fast food workers this morning planned to walk off the job in what organizers promised would be the largest-ever strike against the fast-growing, virtually union-free industry. The workers are demanding that chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s raise their wages to $15 an hour and allow them to organize a union without retaliation. The campaign expected over 400 workers from 50-some stores to participate in the surprise strike, doubling the size of their previous walkout and potentially shutting down several fast food restaurants for the day.

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