Moving Stories Of Oklahoma Tornado Victims Finding Their Pets Amid The Destruction

The damage done to Moore is horrifying, but it takes its worst toll on those who can’t help themselves.

1. Abby Madi and Peterson Zatterlee comforting their dog Rippy standing in the wreckage of Moore.

Gene Blevins / Reuters

2. Maeghan Hadley, of the One Day Ranch pet rescue, takes a kitten from the wreckage of a mobile home, near Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Sue Ogrocki / AP
Sue Ogrocki / AP
Marcus DiPaola/Xinhua via Zuma Press / MCT

3. The amazing story of a woman who emerged from the rubble of her home and was reunited with her dog on live TV.

4. Lonnie Langston and his dog survey the wreckage of his garage near Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Brett Deering / Getty Images

7. Elizabeth, who didn’t think twice about riding out the storm in a bathtub with her dog Ginger.

9. Rachel Hilton rescues stray kittens from the debris of her parents’ home in Moore.

The Oklahoman, Nate Billings / AP

10. A man saves a horse from the rubble of a destroyed daycare in Moore.

The Oklahoman, Steve Sisney / AP

If you know anything about the whereabouts of any missing animals, there are two pretty active lost & found Facebook groups that need all the help they can get.

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