Miley Cyrus Gets Completely Naked While Riding A Wrecking Ball In Her Newest Music Video

She also licks a sledgehammer.

1. Miley Cyrus released a new video for her single “Wrecking Ball” Monday. SPOILER ALERT: She doesn’t twerk.

ID: 1613458

2. She does other things in the Terry Richardson-directed video, however, including cry…

ID: 1613489

3. Lick a sledgehammer…

ID: 1613476

4. Rub her face on this chain…

ID: 1613478

5. Ride a wrecking ball around…

ID: 1613480

6. And ride the wrecking ball completely naked for a while too.

ID: 1613477

7. The last time Cyrus worked with Terry Richardson was in April when she did a photo shoot that included twerking and feeling herself up.

ID: 1613499

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