Meet Vladimir Franz, The Czech Presidential Candidate With Full Face Tattoos

He’s a self-described punk that has captured the attention of young voters all over Eastern Europe.

1. He’s an opera singer, professor, and a painter.

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2. You can check out his discography here:

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3. He has no political experience, but he has a doctorate in law.

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4. Franz collected almost 8,800 signatures during his first weekend of campaigning.

MICHAL CIZEK / AFP / Getty Images
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5. He’s one of nine candidates running for president of the Czech Republic.

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6. Politically, he’s a moderate who promotes tolerance, human rights, democracy and alternative energy.

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7. His tattoos cover 90% of his body.

MICHAL CIZEK / AFP / Getty Images
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8. He received 88,388 signatures, more than the 50,000 needed to run and will belong stage 2 of his candidacy.

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“I understand I can be hard to read for many people, because until now I’ve only expressed my views through my art. Now I have to formulate them in a decoded language.”

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