Leading Pakistani Politician Injured After Terrifying Fall During Rally

Imran Khan, a popular Pakistani politician, took an impressive fall from a makeshift lift during a recent election rally.

1. Footage of the incredible fall:

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/65647464.

2. Imran Khan has been called the “Ron Paul of Pakistan” and he’s a frontrunner for the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

3. He also used to be a champion Cricket player.

4. During the rally he was standing on a lift when he suffered a terrifying fall after too many people got on it at the same time.

5. He was rushed to a hospital for treatment immediately after the 15 foot fall and is currently in stable condition.

Looks like the guy in the black T-shirt tried to help some one climb the lift and accidentally pushed over Imran Khan

— MansoorGeoNews (@Mansoor Ali Khan)

7. Hundreds of supporters gathered outside of the hospital chanting “Love live Imran Khan.”

Exclusive picture of Imran Khan in ICU. He told people of Pakistan not to give up and vote for him.

— FatimaAnsari_ (@Fatima Ansari)

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