27 Cringeworthy Types Of Photos That Prove No One Should Be Allowed To Use Photoshop

It’s hard to believe, but all of these pictures have been Photoshopped.

1. The “these muscles are totally natural, bro” pose.

ID: 1567139

4. The “my vacation was way cooler than yours and definitely actually happened” photo.

ID: 1567114

7. The classic looking for love romance ‘shop.

ID: 1567122

10. The “I’m the toughest kid in my class” profile picture.

ID: 1567153

13. The “me hanging out with my bae” selfie.

ID: 1567146

16. Or the, uh, “me hanging out with a cartoon character I’m dating” selfie…

ID: 1567188

18. Or lizard, I guess.

ID: 1567306

19. The “this is not a phase I’m going through, mom” Tumblr picture.

ID: 1568099

22. The “you coming to the rager tonight, dude” flyer.

ID: 1568206

25. And the “whatever the heck you call stuff like this” picture.

ID: 1567531

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