Jay-Z And Kanye West’s "No Church In The Wild" Is Like A Metaphor For Everything

Seriously, it’s basically the plot of everything ever.

1. The song’s memorable chorus sums up pretty much everything, like Space Jam.

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5. Or Fight Club.

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9. Definitely works for The Great Gatsby.

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13. It fits perfectly for The Avengers, especially because Thor is an actual God and Tony Stark is an atheist, so it’s not even a metaphor.

ID: 1217346

15. Same deal with Watchmen.

ID: 1217217

16. It’s not just movies either, Portal 2 fits too.

ID: 1217193

18. It accurately captures the chaotic evil of D.W. from Arthur

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19. You better believe it works for Doctor Who.

ID: 1217202

22. Even Breaking Bad!

ID: 1217214

23. And duh, Game Of Thrones, also.

ID: 1217261

24. This Spongebob one is a bit of a stretch, but…

ID: 1217357

28. It’s a simple message, even Emojis can capture its deep meaning.

ID: 1217342

29. Seriously, it’s like, a metaphor…

ID: 1217294

31. …For like everything, you know?

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