Is This A Real Bear Walking Upright Like A Human?

He thinks he’s people!

1. Ian Bohman shot this video outside his home in Oak Ridge, N.J.

ID: 3540803

2. In the video, this amazing bear stands up and STARTS WALKING AROUND LIKE A HUMAN!

ID: 3540823

3. Look at this bear taking a stroll through the neighborhood.

ID: 3540825

4. He’s just creeping around the place. He almost looks like a man in a bear suit.

ID: 3540824

5. At one point he walks up to a trashcan, looks into it, and then keeps on going.

ID: 3540837

6. Look at him creep away into the woods.

ID: 3540919

7. Let’s zoom in, shall we? Do you think this a man… or a bear?

ID: 3540958
  1. So, do you think this is actually a video of bear walking upright like a human or is it some kind of man in a bear suit?
    1. This is definitely a bear walking upright like a human.
    2. No way that’s a bear, has to be a man in some kind of bear suit.
    3. It’s some kind of nightmarish man/bear hybrid.
ID: 3540946

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