Iran Busted For Bad Photoshop Job

From the same people who brought you Fake Iranian Space Monkey comes Probably Photoshopped Photo of a Stealth Fighter!

1. This photo of the Qaher-313 stealth fighter jet was released Tuesday on Iranian news site Khouz News. Many are claiming it’s photoshopped.

ID: 882566

2. The photo shows the Qaher-313 stealth fighter jet flying over Iranian mountains. The jet was unveiled by President Ahmadinejad on Saturday.

Fars News Agency, Hossein Zohrevand / AP
ID: 882554

3. Iranian officials claim the jet can evade radar.

ISNA, Amir Pourmand / AP
ID: 882551

4. Many people however are pointing out that image’s background looks a lot like a generic travel photo of Iran’s Mount Damavand.

ID: 882603

5. Plus, the plane in the official photo looks nearly identical to the one in this photo.

ID: 882760

6. Here’s their version again:

ID: 882622

7. Here’s one we made with our Mount Damavand photo:

ID: 882626

8. So what do you think? Real or not?

ID: 882627

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