Instagram’s #Peanutbutterseries Tag Is Full Of Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Trying To Eat Peanut Butter

Dogs trying to eat peanut butter will never not be funny.

1. If you haven’t seen it yet, Instagram’s #Peanutbutterseries is pretty much the best.

ID: 2121379
ID: 2121387

3. It was started by photographer ititwags, Stephanie McCombie, and it’s a very simple premise:

ID: 2121385
ID: 2121388

5. Step 1 - Put peanut butter in or around you dog’s mouth.

ID: 2121441
ID: 2121450

7. Step 2 - Take a photo!

ID: 2121453
ID: 2121390

9. It’s a great thing to do with friends.

ID: 2121445
ID: 2121392

11. Even some cats are getting in on it!

ID: 2121408
ID: 2121402

13. And the dogs seem to love it.

ID: 2121401
ID: 2121404

15. Well, most of them at least…

ID: 2121418

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