Indie Fans Are Really Confused About The Twerk Team That Has Been Opening For The Postal Service

“There is literally ass everywhere.”

1. The Postal Service are currently on tour with New Orleans bounce artist Big Freedia, a trans rapper who tours with a twerk team while singing about the joys of performing oral sex.

2. “The distance is awful, but yes, that is a twerk team opening for The Postal Service.”

3. According to The Seattle Times, an audience at a recent show was less than thrilled to see Big Freedia’s act.

4. The Postal Service’s Ben Gibbard told The Seattle Times that the odd pairing was deliberate and meant to cause a reaction:

“The incongruous, provocative pairing was deliberate. Postal Service leader and Seattle music luminary Ben Gibbard told me in an interview last week, he chose the opener because, ‘I love Big Freedia’s music and I’m really excited to see how people react to it.’

In the normally neutral space of KeyArena, audience members were irritated, seemed to be uncomfortable with Freedia’s brand of sexual expression and questioned whether the performance was ‘real music.’

Men in the stands conspicuously proclaimed their own heterosexuality, and in general the response was uneasy.”

5. “The Twerk Team - Postal Service style”

6. Users on Twitter and Instagram from the last week of shows all seem equally confused about the opener.

Still really confused about the whole twerk team at the Postal Service concert #what

— enieds95 (@Eleanor Niedermeyer)

7. “There is literally ASS EVERYWHERE. #bigfreedia #postalservice #azzeverywhere #twerk (first time I’ve hashtagged twerk and not been ironic)”

8. Though some people seem less confused but instead more hostile about it.

I thought that I came for The Postal Service, and not a twerk show

— vangrafics (@Jakub Markiewicz)

9. “Postal service twerk off?”

10. Ra Ra Riot and Mates of State are also joining The Postal Service on tour.

We're at the #PostalService concert. There's Big Freedia, apparently a southern twerk band (?), opening. I... I don't even.

— ls_taylor (@L.S. Taylor)

11. “Opening for the postal service #twerk”

12. Gibbard told The Seattle Times that more than just wanting a reaction, he asked Big Freedia to join him on tour because he’s a just a huge fan.

Twerk team getting it to a song called "Ass Everywhere". FYI we are at a Postal Service concert.

— Loho (@Loho)

13. “The most ghetto Postal Service you have ever been to. #twerk #hoodratshit”

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