If You’re A Local News Station Covering A Fire You Probably Shouldn’t Park In Front Of The Hydrant

It’s kind of important. posted on

1. Seems like that fire hydrant…

2. Would be kind of important.

3. As the photos of the news van started getting passed around, people were pretty upset.

@fox25news what do you have to say about your news van blocking the fire hydrant? Don't just ignore it and act like it didn't happen

Fox 25 news van was blocking a fire hydrant at today's fire in south Boston SMH

6. Until My FOX Boston issued a statement on their website about the photos, saying it was all a misunderstanding.

“Earlier today at the scene of a fire, the driver of one of our news vehicles was instructed by authorities where to park. That news vehicle was moved to another location a short time later.”

7. According to Jalopnik, the fire they were covering was 5-alarm church fire in Boston. Here’s an aerial shot of it from FOX 25’s helicopter.

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