Amazing Photo Of The Iconic “Sad Brazilian” World Cup Fan Sharing His Trophy With A Young Germany Fan

There are two sides to every photo!

1. Tuesday night, screengrabs of this sad Brazilian spread all over the internet.

ID: 3311239

2. The man in the photo is Gaúcho da Copa, a local Brazilian celebrity, and he perfectly captured the mood of the night.

ID: 3311270

3. Except there’s more to the story. After the now famous picture was taken, he was surrounded by fans of Brazil and Germany.

Michael Steele / Getty Images
ID: 3311215

4. And he ended up sharing his World Cup trophy statue with a young Germany fan.

ID: 3311249

5. In fact, he shared the trophy with a bunch of Germany fans.

Michael Steele / Getty Images
ID: 3311247

6. So thankfully, the “Sad Brazilian” World Cup fan wasn’t so sad after all.

Michael Steele / Getty Images
ID: 3311218

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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