Here’s What Taco Bell’s Legendary Waffle Taco Looks Like In Real Life

Meet the waffle-taco hybrid behind the hype.

1. So, if you don’t know, Taco Bell is launching a breakfast menu and includes a thing called a waffle taco. On the right is what it looks like in real life.


How it tastes: Pretty good, actually. It’s definitely better if you pour syrup on it. The waffle was pretty good too.

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2. This is a thing called the A.M. Crunchwrap. It’s basically a quesadilla with eggs, cheese, and hashbrowns. On the right is what it looks like in real life.


How it tastes: Definitely the best on the menu. Seems like it’d be perfect for when you’re super hungover or at the airport or something.

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3. For like breakfast dessert stuff, they have these cinnamon delights. They’re made by Cinnabon and they’re like if you took a cinnamon bun and turned it inside out and made it into a ball.


How it tastes: Not so great. They’re full of icing, which in theory is kind of cool, but also a little gross.

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4. And lastly, here’s a GIF of the awkward face you make when you try and eat a waffle taco.

ID: 2633912

5. Are we, as a society, ready for Taco Bell breakfast?

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