Have You Done A Harlem Shake Video Yet?

It’s the latest craze, and if you haven’t done one yet, you better get on it right away!

1. Don’t know how to do it? First, play this song.

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ID: 869917

2. Step 2: Have one person in a mask dance solo.

ID: 869907

3. Step 3: When it goes “do the Harlem shake,” have everyone in room start dancing. It’s super simple!

ID: 869911

4. These guys in a dorm did one…

ID: 866149

5. These guys in a dorm did one too…

ID: 866148

6. These guys tried to do one…

ID: 866145

7. This guy did one before bed…

ID: 868953

8. This power ranger tried to do one and didn’t really do it that well…

ID: 869876

9. These cool teens did one at recess…

ID: 869855

10. These kids did one while doing homework…

ID: 869839

11. This cool dude did one with a bunch of sexy ladies…

ID: 869846

12. These bros did one at a slumber party…

ID: 869851

13. This receptionist in a Boba Fett helmet did one…

ID: 869865

14. These people in an office did one…

ID: 868965

15. Norway did one…

ID: 869796

16. College Humor did one…

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ID: 869815


ID: 869940

18. UPDATE: The band Matt & Kim won.

ID: 882503

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