Guy Gets Dumped On A Kiss Cam After Refusing To Get Off The Phone To Kiss His Girlfriend

He probably should have just kissed her…

ID: 1152130

2. Dang, look at him give her the “hold on a second” hand. That’s mega-harsh.

ID: 1152166

3. Well, she dumps a drink on him and storms off. And that woman in the bottom right-hand corner think it’s hysterical.

ID: 1152164

4. And THEN the Fresno Grizzlies’ mascot has to come get the girl and settle down the argument!

ID: 1152163

5. So you know, next time, just get off the darn phone.

ID: 1152187

6. UPDATE: Some have speculated that the video was staged, either by the couple, or as a publicity stunt by the team. The Grizzlies have denied faking it.

ID: 1153409

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