7 Frequently Asked Questions About Twerking You’re Dying To Know The Answers To

Here is everything you need to know about everyone’s favorite butt dance. NSFW-ish

1. What is twerking?

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As made popular by The Twerk Team.

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2. How do you twerk?

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According to twerking website, it’s all about the arched/curved back.

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3. Where can one twerk?

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You can twerk while getting ready in the morning.

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You can twerk while opening for The Postal Service.

Twerk Team Postal Service style.

— Joshua Baez (@joshbaezmusic)

Joshua Baez


Twerk Team Postal Service style.

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You can twerk between classes at your local high school (although, you might get suspended).

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Or in class.

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Some people pick more unusual places to do it, like a graveyard.

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Or the library.

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You can even twerk at McDonald’s.

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4. What kind of people twerk?

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Men can twerk.

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Simpsons characters can twerk.

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Cats can twerk.

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Grandmas can do it too.

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Same with Spiderman.

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Harry Styles from One Direction? Oh yeah, he twerks too.

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5. Why do people twerk?

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Some people twerk for political reasons.

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Some people twerk to shame an opponent during a sports match.

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And some people do it because they’re in a good mood.

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6. Is twerking good for you?

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Yes, like all things, twerking is good in moderation.

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7. Can you hurt yourself while twerking?

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So stay safe and remember to stretch.

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