Farmer Selfies Is The Newest, Weirdest, And Greatest Trend On The Internet

Farmer selfies, or Felfies.

1. The Irish Farmer’s Journal held a contest on their Facebook recently to find the best farmer selfie.

ID: 2194572

6. The journal picked their favorite 10 and put them up for readers to vote on using Facebook likes.

ID: 2194582

10. This guy, very deservedly, swept the competition and won.

ID: 2194571

11. But! The Irish Farm Journal’s contest started a trend!

ID: 2194596

14. Like this guy’s completely bad ass one with a sheep.

ID: 2194599

17. This girl was so into she did two of them!

ID: 2194610

19. If you know a farmer get them to take a felfie immediately and post it in the comments!

ID: 2194626

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